Best 8 Skills You Need to Become a Data Scientist

Top 8 Skills You Should Eventually Be an Information Scientist

Below is the abilities list they advocate:
Practical Abilities: Analytics
Education – Information scientists are highly trained – 88% have a Master’s degree and 46% have PhDs – and an extremely powerful educational foundation is generally needed to acquire the depth of knowledge needed to be an information scientist, while you can find noteworthy exceptions.
SAS and R – In depth knowledge of one or more for information science R, of the analytic instruments is usually favored.

Practical Abilities: Computer Science
Python Programming – Python is the most frequent programming language I usually see needed in information science functions, as well as Java, Perl, or C/C .
It’s greatly chosen in many situations, although this is not always a prerequisite. Having encounter with Pig or Hive can also be a powerful selling point. Acquaintance with cloud programs like Amazon S3 may also be advantageous.
SQL Database/Programming – Despite the fact that Hadoop and NoSQL have eventually become a big part of information science, it’s still anticipated that the nominee is going to have the ability to write and run complex queries in SQL.
Unstructured information – It’s essential that the information scientist have the ability to work well with information that is unstructured, while it’s from sound, video feeds or social networking.

Non Technical Abilities
Intellectual interest – Undoubtedly you have seen this phrase recently, particularly as it relates to information scientists.
Company acumen – To be an information scientist you will require a sound knowledge of the sector you are working in, and understand what business issues your firm is looking to solve. When it comes to info science, having the ability to identify which issues are important for the company is essential to solve, as well as identifying new ways the company needs to be leveraging its information.

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